Pick Yourself Up

Your feelings are bruised. And rightly so. But you can tell yourself that it’s a small bruise. And you know too well from life experiences that bruises heal. It’s okay to be scarred. It is there as evidence that bruises always heal. It is there to remind you of the lessons learnt.

It helps you to be stronger. It heals you to be better and teach you to be wiser with the next pain that is coming your way.

You are already going to be okay. No one can take that light in you. That smile you smile for you. That love you carry for you. Do not give others permission to take your worth away from you.

Give yourself the permission to let it go. The decision is yours to let the pain go.

It does not matter what others say or behave towards you because what really matters is how you let yourself be treated by the negativity.

Be kind to yourself. You owe it to you to be good to you first. Always.


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