To control thyself

It’s always too easy to let our negative emotions spill over without any consideration of the consequences towards others around us. Because we don’t see from the other side. We get caught up with how we feel, how we think and how we perceive from just our end.

Yes it is true how you think and feel and how it affects you matter. But it doesn’t mean you are entitled to be selfish. It is not alright to affect others with your negativity. How would you feel when someone disrupts your day with their personal vendetta against the world? You can’t help but feel negative as well. Cause and effect I say.

So the next time, before the dam of negative emotions are about to overflow, practice saying these to yourself:

  1. I am responsible for how I feel, not others.
  2. It is okay to feel angry and upset.
  3. I can choose to control my breathing, my thoughts and feelings.
  4. I choose to go for a walk and space out and regroup.

I hope this works and you feel better managing your well being, and in turn, making you a mindful and considerate individual.



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