Daily affirmations

Have you ever seen a sunrise? You should make time to see one if you haven’t. I can never forget how it felt witnessing the start of the day. To be huddled with friends in the wee morning, waiting for the gorgeous orange sun rising up so gracefully and gives the world light. It was humbling.

The clouds somehow naturally stood in line next to each other as though it was the formal welcoming to a new day. It was majestic. It was simple. It was this heavy awe of greatness that was greeted in silence by those who were there to witness it.

Till this day, it taught me not to take any day for granted. Each day presents itself with a start over. Second chances. New choices. New decisions. Empowerment. The freedom to spend the day however we want to spend it. Like a white canvas waiting to tell a story.

I am thankful for being given the time and days to be able to tell my story. I want to continue living in the present as much as I can and bask in the moments I create with others. I look forward to tomorrow that’s waiting to embrace me again with the gift of life.



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