Tone your life skills

To be in the present moment takes a lot of  mindfulness and practice. To accept for what it is takes humility, maturity, patience and courage.

I am using my time to get to know, respect and accept reality. I learn it takes the  most restraint to control or learn to master one’s own thoughts, perceptions and feelings. And that there is no shortcut. I got to be patient, hang on, focus, breathe, take a break here and there, resume and be on track and continue to be aware.

Life is like doing Pilates; learning to manage the pain by focusing on my breathing while I keep going. Without pain or a bit of discomfort, I won’t be able to achieve a toned physique and master the techniques in doing Pilates right.

I welcome discomfort, adversities, and challenges because they are necessary to help me practice my life skills to be better in getting life and managing myself well. In a way, I am toning my mental and emotional health.

I got to remember to breathe, focus, remember it’s okay to take breaks. Then resume and keep going…


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