Working with what’s given to you

What do you do when you choose to be the good guys? What will you have me do when the odds keep stacking up? What would a great person do when the waves keep crashing in? How would you ride the waves?

How does the story end? How is it supposed to be?

I am learning the story goes like this – you keep on living each day because it was given to you. Not by default, not by dumb luck, not by coincidence. It was decided by a choice for you to be gifted with the day and the next until you have used it all up or it’s taken away from you.

The choice that you have is to accept what’s been given to you and use it. Or don’t. But you can’t give it back.

So how is it supposed to be? It’s supposed to keep on going until it expires. Until there are no more  waves to be tamed or learn from. But for now, keep on riding the waves and learn from it. Work with it. Make the waves your ally, not your foe.



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