Positivity in relationships

What if a meaningful relationship is not based on how it began or what’s being said? But it’s about how it’s being said, how it’s being taken care of, how we are being treated and how we treat the other and the relationship.

It’s the mannerisms of it all. I think we take it for granted of the other too often, assuming they should know what to say and what to do to make it better. Yet the thing is, they can’t read our minds and neither we have the ability to read theirs.

Be kind to each other. Think positively, speak positively and have positive regard for each other.

It does matter how it’s being said. So say it with the right intentions and with compassion.

It does matter how the relationship is being regarded. So regard it highly with respect and love.

Compassion, respect and love are positives in a relationship. They are the right ingredients to healthy relationships. 


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