Letting go

Recently I am beginning to practise on letting go…

  1. When the news struck you first, it gets overwhelming. So breathe. Do nothing. Let the worst pass. Because it will pass.

  2. Take small steps. And that one step at a time.

  3. With each step, slowly let go. Surrender your control of the facts and welcome what is to your stride. Its ok.

  4. Always know and be affirmed that you have done all you can in the situation. You did not fail you or anyone else. Let it be.

  5. Have faith things will fall into place. Allow it to fall into place by letting go of the expectations of how it should be. Everything else will be easier.

As life goes on, and the world turns around again for another day, I will move on with it and go through the day with small steps. The way to get through, is indeed, to get through it…


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