“The worse could have happen” perspective

There are always going to be distractions/noises in life; office politics, family dramas, unresolved petty grudges, harsh comments, responses that’s uncalled for, anything and everything in between that can flip the switch in us to make us feel down and baffled.

You can’t control how others are going to treat you and how others behave. It’s easier said than actually doing the “I will let go of controlling the expectations of others to behave as how they ought to in my perspective”. Because it is only natural when you want or rather prefer things to go your way. And no one likes feeling disappointed.

I am beginning to learn now to not sweat the small stuff. To not dwell on one negative or worrying issue that overshadow the bigger picture. To not lose the plot. To not be distracted and allow it to hold me back so far off that I forget there are other positive things around me that is louder by one setback.

So my trick to distractions is this – if things don’t exactly go as planned or smoothly as I would have liked, it’s fine as it is now because it could have been worse. And right now, it is not the worse so I am grateful for that.

Just think of worse scenarios that could have happen instead. Like for example, I just got a job offer; it’s permanent, its in a big organisation that has great perks and ample opportunities to grow professionally but a HR staff spoke to me harshly about not being able to negotiate the pay. It was all policies and follow by the book. I do feel though it is my right to negotiate for a better pay based on my experiences but it was an adamant no.

I was upset. I felt powerless. For a while. But I choose not to sweat it. It’s still enough money to pay my rent and bills and have a bit to save. It helps me survive and have something to go to everyday knowing I can continue to learn and make more opportunities for myself. I choose to work with what I have and make it better. It will be okay or even great.

Just try it – each time something small and distracting comes along to coming close to ruin your day, take a pause and imagine the worse that could have happen. But it didn’t. I hope that helps to view your current circumstance on a slightly positive note and help you get over it and move on to better thoughts and feelings.





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